About us

Welcome To Our Junior Academy


Learn and Play Junior Academy is an Early Learning Centre which is well-organized and educationally-enriching for young children. The staff members are passionate about working with children to prepare them for their future education.

At present it is run and owned by husband and wife team, Eric and Deo Eddy. Deo is a tertiary trained teacher with over 30 years teaching experience.

Our teachers are all well qualified and most of them are tertiary trained ladies. There are several teachers with a three year N6 National Diploma in Early Childhood Development and a few pre-primary teachers with B.Ed degrees.

Most of the teachers have several years of sound experience in working with young children.

Learn and Play Junior Academy is registered to care for children from 0 months to 6 years old.

Please feel free to pop in at any time to take a look at our neat, clean and stimulating premises and to find out more about Learn and Play Junior Academy.

We would love to meet you, show you around the school and answer any of your queries.

Eric and Deo Eddy

P.T.D. (1973 C.T.T.C.); A.C.E. (2005 U.F.H.)

More about us

Below is a summary of what we offer, follow the links to see detailed info.


The Pre-Primary children are housed in a separate campus and they are involved in a specific school readiness programme including literacy, numeracy, life skills as well as a basic computer course. There is a small computer lab where basic computer skills are taught.

Each group of young children has their own playground where they mix with children of their own age. The children also have homework books so that they can complete various exercises under the watchful eyes of their parents.

Fees & Outings

School fees DO NOT include outings.

We have about 8 activities or outings every year which are mostly connected to the theme for the week.

An example of an outing during the theme on FISH would be a visit to the local aquarium, or a visit to a farm when discussing FARM ANIMALS.


The daily theme discussions, creative activities, story for the day and music and movement rings are all planned so that the theme relates to all that the children do.

Daily Routine

The Daily Routine is extremely well structured and children are involved in daily theme discussions, character building sessions, fun-filled and exciting creative activities, music, dance and singing activities, listening skills, movement rings and obstacle courses, quiet play (construction toys, puzzle building, cognitive games) , organized outside play and story times.


Three meals are served each day: a snack of fruit-juice, Marie biscuits and fruit slices mid-morning, a hot cooked meal with pudding at lunchtime and sandwiches with fruit juice or rooibos tea and fruit slices in the mid-afternoon.

Extra Activities

Learn and Play Junior Academy offers extra activities which include Swimming, Ballet and Kindermusik.

Our Staff

We have a young, fun-loving group of staff members who are mostly tertiary qualified ladies.

The teaching staff include three Primary school teachers, a qualified Pre- primary school teacher, three ladies with N6 National Diplomas in Early Childhood Development and years of experience in educating young children. We have an educational consultant who works closely with the teachers and monitors their performance in class on a weekly basis.

There are ten teachers, 9 assistants, 1 secretary, a principal, a director, two cooks and a gardener.