Weekly Themes

Theme sheets are pasted in messages books which are sent home for the parents to read every Monday.



Basic Colour

Advanced Colour


Me Circle Red Red Good – Bad
My Family Triangle White Black & White Old – Young
My Home Square Blue Brick (Terracotta) Hard – Soft
My Garden Circle Green Green Tidy/Neat – Untidy
My Pets Rectangle Brown Brown Sick – Healthy
Farm Animals Oval Pink Pink Big – Small
Numbers Circle Black Black & White Lots – Few
Senses Oval/ Triangle Pink Pink Bitter – Sweet
Easter Oval Yellow Yellow Happy – Sad
Feelings Rectangle Blue Blue Happy -Sad
My Body Circle/Rectangle Pink Pink Fat – Thin
Frogs Kite Green Green Pretty – Ugly
Insects + Spiders Hexagon Black Black & White Safe-Dangerous/Not Safe
Autumn Star Orange(Leaves) Orange High – Low
Our City Square Grey(Buildings) Grey Tall – Short
Trees + Wood Triangle Brown Brown Rough – Smooth
Fire/ Firemen Cylinder Red Red Hot – Cold
Medical People Cross White White Sick – Healthy
Dentists Rectangle White White Right – Wrong
Healthy Foods Semi-Circle Yellow Yellow Clean – Dirty
Winter Star Blue Blue Hot – Cold
Clothing Cone Pink .. Warm – Cool
Citrus Fruit Semi-Circle Orange Orange Sweet – Sour
Reptiles Oval Brown Brown Long – Short
Transport Rectangle / Red Yellow Fast – Slow
Road Safety Circle / Triangle Green Amber Right – Left
Sheep/ Wool Rhombus Brown Brown Hard – Soft
Cows/ Milk Cylinder White(Milk) Cream Fresh – Stale
Spring/Growing Things Cone Green Green Alive – Dead
Birds Diamond Blue(Sky) Turquose High – Low
Underground Tunnel Black(Dark) Black Dark – Light
Zoo Parrellel Brown Grey Noisy – Quiet
Circus Ring Orange Colourful Bright – Dull
Musical Instruments Bow Shaped Silver Silver Loud – Soft
Water/ Water Cycle No Shape No Colour Colourless Wet – Dry
Fresh Water Creatures Streamlined Blue Blue Full – Empty
Sea/Beach Cone Yellow Sandy In – Out (Ebb – Flow)
Fish Streamlined .. Silver Sink – Float
Sea Animals Streamlined .. .. Salty – Sweet
Arts + Crafts Diamond Red Gold Home-Made – Bought
Toys All Shapes Blue Red/ Yellow/ Blue Bright – Dull
Christmas Bell Green Silver Good – Bad
Kite Kite Pink Purple Stop – Go
Moon & Stars Crescent Yellow Yellow Many – Few
Space Eclipse Black Black Nothing – Something
Dinosaurs Oval Green Green Enormous – Tiny
Shiny Things Diamond Red Gold Bright – Dull
Holes Cylinder Brown (Soil) Black & White Empty – Full
Time Round Blue Mauve Long – Short (Time 2 Wait)