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Welcome to Learn & Play Junior Academy

Preparing young children for excellence in education

About Us

Learn and Play is an Early Learning Centre which is well-organized and educationally-enriching for young children.

The staff members are passionate about working with children to prepare them for their future education

Our Location

Our Mission

Learn and Play Junior Academy has teachers who are passionate about developing young children holistically.

They take pride in guiding young children educationally and morally so that they can reach their potential as individuals.

Baby Unit + Pre-Primary (Grade R / Grade 0)

Learn and Play Junior Academy is registered to care for children from babies (6 weeks) to 6 years old.

The Pre-Primary children are housed in a separate campus and they are involved in a specific school readiness programme including literacy, numeracy, life skills as well as a basic computer course. There is a small computer lab where basic computer skills are taught.

Each group of young children has their own playground where they mix with children of their own age. The children also have homework books so that they can complete various exercises under the watchful eyes of their parents.

Application Process

We are currently accepting applications for 2024 academic year

Step 1

School Fees

Please see our school fees & other charges for 2024


Step 2

Info & Requirements

Please read our Information & Requirements PDF.

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Step 3

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct document for our school.

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Have Your Docs In a Row?

Want the best education for your child, then follow steps below!

  1. Look at steps above to see process
  2. Get the following docs together
    • Student’s Unabridged Birth Certificate
    • Parent 1 ID or Passport
    • School report (if Applicable)
    • Find your Medical Aid number
    • Headshot of child (can be taken on phone)
  3. Fill in our Application Form and email

School Closes

13 December 2023

2023/12/13 08:00:00