Application Process

Please see the steps below before applying to Learn and Play Junior Academy.

Once you have all the documentation in place, then please proceed to the online form and fill in the information, and upload the completed documents.

Step 1

Info & Requirements

Please read our Information & Requirements PDF.

View Info

Step 2

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct document for our school.

View CoC

Step 3

Sign Code

Please download and sign our Code of Conduct Declaration document.


Step 4

Know Your Child

Please download the “Getting to Know Your Child” form, fill it in and return it with your application.


Step 5

Publish Photographs

As a school we take privacy very seriously. If you agree, please sign this “Permission to Publish” document.


Step 6

Enrollment Form

This is the full Enrollment Form, please download and attach to your application with the prior documents.


Step 7

Make Payment

In order to apply, you need to purchase the below online:

  1. Subscribe to Monthly Payments
  2. Admin Fee [Once-off]  +
  3. Toiletry Fees [Once-off]

Make Payment

Step 8

Get Your Docs

In addition to the 4 documents from us, please get the following list of documents ready, before you apply.

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate
  2. Both Parents’ ID Documents
  3. Proof of Residence
  4. 2x Credit References
  5. Child’s Medical Clinic Card
  6. Parents / Guardians Payslips

Step 9

Fill & Send

Please follow the link below to the online application form.

Apply & Submit

Have Your Docs In a Row?

  1. Look at steps above to see process
  2. Download the four docs, and fill them out
  3. Get your other docs together (Birth Certificate etc.)
  4. Click on the APPLY NOW Button