Weekly Themes

The daily theme discussions, creative activities, story for the day and music and movement rings are all planned so that the theme relates to all that the children do.

Theme sheets are pasted in messages books which are sent home for the parents to read every Monday.




Basic Colour

Advanced Colour


Me Circle Red Red Good – Bad
My Family Triangle White Black & White Old – Young
My Home Square Blue Brick (Terracotta) Hard – Soft
My Garden Circle Green Green Tidy/Neat – Untidy
My Pets Rectangle Brown Brown Sick – Healthy
Farm Animals Oval Pink Pink Big – Small
Numbers Circle Black Black & White Lots – Few
Senses Oval/ Triangle Pink Pink Bitter – Sweet
Easter Oval Yellow Yellow Happy – Sad
Feelings Rectangle Blue Blue Happy -Sad
My Body Circle/Rectangle Pink Pink Fat – Thin
Frogs Kite Green Green Pretty – Ugly
Insects + Spiders Hexagon Black Black & White Safe-Dangerous/Not Safe
Autumn Star Orange(Leaves) Orange High – Low
Our City Square Grey(Buildings) Grey Tall – Short
Trees + Wood Triangle Brown Brown Rough – Smooth
Fire/ Firemen Cylinder Red Red Hot – Cold
Medical People Cross White White Sick – Healthy
Dentists Rectangle White White Right – Wrong
Healthy Foods Semi-Circle Yellow Yellow Clean – Dirty
Winter Star Blue Blue Hot – Cold
Clothing Cone Pink .. Warm – Cool
Citrus Fruit Semi-Circle Orange Orange Sweet – Sour
Reptiles Oval Brown Brown Long – Short
Transport Rectangle / Red Yellow Fast – Slow
Road Safety Circle / Triangle Green Amber Right – Left
Sheep/ Wool Rhombus Brown Brown Hard – Soft
Cows/ Milk Cylinder White(Milk) Cream Fresh – Stale
Spring/Growing Things Cone Green Green Alive – Dead
Birds Diamond Blue(Sky) Turquose High – Low
Underground Tunnel Black(Dark) Black Dark – Light
Zoo Parrellel Brown Grey Noisy – Quiet
Circus Ring Orange Colourful Bright – Dull
Musical Instruments Bow Shaped Silver Silver Loud – Soft
Water/ Water Cycle No Shape No Colour Colourless Wet – Dry
Fresh Water Creatures Streamlined Blue Blue Full – Empty
Sea/Beach Cone Yellow Sandy In – Out (Ebb – Flow)
Fish Streamlined .. Silver Sink – Float
Sea Animals Streamlined .. .. Salty – Sweet
Arts + Crafts Diamond Red Gold Home-Made – Bought
Toys All Shapes Blue Red/ Yellow/ Blue Bright – Dull
Christmas Bell Green Silver Good – Bad
Kite Kite Pink Purple Stop – Go
Moon & Stars Crescent Yellow Yellow Many – Few
Space Eclipse Black Black Nothing – Something
Dinosaurs Oval Green Green Enormous – Tiny
Shiny Things Diamond Red Gold Bright – Dull
Holes Cylinder Brown (Soil) Black & White Empty – Full
Time Round Blue Mauve Long – Short (Time 2 Wait)